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March 23, 2019 this Wiki became a Fanon Wiki so if your looking for the iCarly Wiki go here so on this Wiki you can create fan made stuff about your favorite TV Show iCarly if you have any questions you can ask our current admins: LeoDiCaprioLover & CartoonEverything!

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Carly Shay is one of the main characters on iCarly she is Spencer's little sister and Kayla and Sam's co host for iCarly she is the second oldest girl on iCarly Carly and Freddie the pairing is Creddie she is portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove... Read more

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Cast Birthdays
Cast member Birthdate
Miranda Cosgrove May 14, 1993
Kayla Marie Lee January 10, 1998
Jennette McCurdy June 26, 1992
Nathan Kress November 18, 1992
Noah Munck May 3, 1996
Jerry Trainor January 21, 1977
Dan Schneider January 14, 1966

Characters Birthdays
Characters Birthdate
Carly Shay July 24, 1994
Kayla Lee January 10, 1998
Sam Puckett April 17, 1994
Freddie Benson February 4, 1994
Gibby Gibson January 20, 1995
Spencer Shay November 11, 1981

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